Why Blog About Tagged Trees?


It wasn’t until my twenties when I started wearing glasses on a regular basis that I realized trees weren’t green blurs, and most people could distinguish individual leaves. Soon after I noticed trunks in all their artistic contortions, various types of bark and burls. Later I tried my hand at marquetry and became enamored of the grains and patterns in wood.

2013-01-03 18.43.06 2
Example of simple marquetry using four woods.

Earlier this month, I joined a short class, All About Trees, taught by local naturalist Kevin Cook. He handed out the list of trees in our city’s City Park. I live near this park. A few years ago, I noticed tags started appearing on various trees. Through reading the tags and utilizing the map the Forestry Department provides, I started to learn the species of trees, some with wonderful names. Currently I know where many of my favorites are located–the championship larch, some old redbuds, a Siberian Larch, crabapples, and weeping mulberries.


One thought on “Why Blog About Tagged Trees?”

  1. Hey!
    I was trying to identify a local tree near my home in England and was having some trouble. My knee-jerk reaction was that it was a Hawthorn because of the flowers but after looking at the leaves I must have been wrong. I feel like I have managed to narrow it down to a Swedish Whitebeam or similar tree thanks to your article on them, but was hoping that you would be able to help me if I sent some pictures over?
    Love the blog by the way and very much enjoyed the content about Lindens and Hawthorns.

    Hope you have a lovely day!

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