Paperbark Maple- An Endangered Tree

Winter interest in the beautiful bark.

Paperback Maple

The Paperbark Maple, Acer griseum, is not listed in North American Trees, nor does the USDA have a page for its range. The University of Florida, though, shows it growing in most states except the most southern, including Florida! The tree is native to central China, although according to Plants of the World Online it is endangered. Although the trees are available from nurseries and grow in zones 4-8, their primary use is ornamental. Although the tree was introduced into Europe in the early 1900s, little seems to be written about any uses of the leaves, bark, or lumber. Most merely state it is lovely to look at in the garden.

Leaves against the cinnamon colored bark of Acer grissom

Due to its distinctively colored bark, this tree is identifiable and showy even in winter.

To find E57search S. Bryan Street between Oak Street and City Park Drive. The tree is on the strip between the road and the ditch, across from the large shelter S of the Pottery Studio. 

Close up the curling red bark. Paperback Maple


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